The Green Miles Davis Shirt

In 1958, Miles Davis released Milestones, an aptly-named album that would go on to influence generations of jazz musicians. Not only was the record ground-breaking; the album's cover is hailed as one of the greatest of all time and makes as much of a statement as the music. Miles sits pitched against an amber brown background, relaxed with the trumpet in hand, gazing into the camera, looking oh so cool in a perfect green button-down shirt. The image made every clothes-conscious young man go hunting for a green shirt and transformed Miles Davis into a style icon. 60 years after the release of the record, we pay tribute to the music and style of Miles Davis with our interpretation of his famous green shirt. 

"If you're interested in the history of men's style and fashion, there's no getting around that green shirt. So many people testify to the impact it had when the record came out, among them a young Charlie Watts before he became the drummer of the Rolling Stones. It's part of the DNA of the Ivy look and for the style of the first generation of London mods. As a company that is more about style than trends, the look and sound of Miles Davis is a natural source of inspiration. To make our own interpretation of his famous green shirt has been a delightful process.".

- Stefan Pagréus, Creative Director

"We've scrutinized that picture and adopted the details that are visible while making up others according to shirts of that time. The result is a relaxed fit shirt with a generous button-down roll collar, a big chest pocket, slightly bigger buttons and a bit shorter cuffs. And very green."

- Pelle Lundquist, Creative Director

Miles Davis - Style Icon

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